Classifieds Safety Tips

The BikeTriad classifieds section is a great place to buy, sell, and trade your stuff to a large audience. We offer an easy to use system with many features to facilitate transactions however it is important to understand that claims no responsibility, or warranty for transactions that occur between members in the classifieds section.

We operate much like classified ads do in a newspaper - it is our policy to not become engaged in transaction disputes between members. Before purchasing from individuals in the classifieds section, take the following into consideration:

- Use an escrow service for your transaction. There are many on the net who can facilitate transactions.
- Review the list of known internet scams on the FBI website. Check the FTC website as well.
- Understand how internet auctions and sales work. Here's a great link.
- Check the person out, consider their reputation within our community and previous transactions.

It's a dog eat dog world out there, and purchasing anything on the internet from private parties can be a tricky game. Arming yourself with the proper tools, knowledge, and information can help protect yourself against fraudulent transactions.